Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for the 2020 Women of Distinction are currently closed

We are looking for some outstanding women in a variety of fields, including (but not limited to) active or retired military, law enforcement, fire, EMS; business; creative artist/entertainer/media person; education; healthcare; political/elected leader, student, and trailblazer.  Any Lee County woman who exhibits leadership, teamwork, integrity, compassion and dedication to her community in her field of expertise and is a registered Republican is eligible to win.

And it’s easy to nominate any deserving woman!  Just provide us with the name, phone and email of the woman you’d like to nominate, along with 250 words or less as to why you think she is deserving.  Our committee will then contact her for a short interview to gather enough information for our judges. (Don’t forget to give us your name and contact info, too, in case we need to reach out to you.)